Christmas gift & good wishes for Roku Buyers by Roku Com Link

Well, may you all are using our Roku streaming device and enjoying your shows and movies with your Roku streaming player. Now, we have some exciting gift offer as Roku for you, this is the time of Christmas which is the symbol of enjoyment, gifts and lots of fun. So now you can send your wishes through the Roku Com Link and give the best gift on this Christmas to your friends and other close persons. Here we give you some suggestion which Roku player will be the best gift for you.


Services provides by Roku Com Link:

  1. Stream your shows via Roku streaming player
  2. Add over 1000+ free channels by your Roku streaming player
  3. Enjoy your memories with big TV screen
  4. Can enjoy your music privately via Roku headphones
  5. Call us on our toll-free number if you have any problem related to Roku player
  6. Online channels

Roku devices:

Roku 1:

Roku 1 is the oldest version of Roku streaming player. It has Netflix app as well as Wi-Fi hardware and it has Roku remote with IR blaster. Moreover Roku 1 comes with the ability to give output via composite cables and HDMI cable as well. If you have old TV and want to connect to Roku player then purchase only Roku 1.

Roku 2:

The Roku 2 and Roku 1 are same in most of the features. It has modern Netflix app and it also has Roku box with Ethernet cable functionality for wired network connection.

Roku 3:

Roku 3 has the faster hardware as compared to previous otherwise it is the same as Roku 2 and it has Roku headphones as well.

Roku 4:

It can support ultra HD quality with the faster processor.

  • Roku streaming stick:

It is just like pen drive with all Roku features.

So, we give all good wishes to our Roku customers and enjoy the Christmas with your Roku streaming player.  For more Roku Com Link support visit our website

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