How to Activate HBO Now on ROKU

Making the right Pick:

Presently we are in a situation where you don’t even require a TV to enjoy the concept of TV. Here we Discuss about Activate HBO Now on Roku.

Undoubtedly, the Digital TV through the medium called internet is a big blessing in terms of entertainment. Then again, there will be a question on how to pick a good channel. Let’s take it this way. Do you love TV when it’s your free time? Have you liked the option of watching your adored programs while on the move? Importantly, are you an adherent fan of Game of Thrones? If at least you pick two of the options, HBO is your coat of choice. 

Activate HBO Now on ROKU

Going with Activate HBO Go/Now

It should be noted that any services from HBO will require a satellite subscription or a paid cable connection. This is because this channel falls into the Premium Channel category. In contrast to the traditional single cable TV channel by HBO, the online version has two options for the customers to choose from. They are:


Eventhough both give you the exact content of programs, their packages and availability differ with some factors.

How should I Activate the HBO-Now on ROKU?

While HBO Go is a service that requires a complete HBO subscription, the HBO-Now Option can be bought alone separately. Moreover, being the a la crate service, Activate HBO Now has its perks too. Clearly with this distinctiveness, customers prefer having the HBO Now as it can be added to the digital TV packages. Speaking about the inclusive packs, choosing a good Streaming Service provider gets the important nod. Here ROKU comes in as a strong choice for many. Along with this information, it should interest many that HBO Now is available on ROKU. So when HBO Now and ROKU are united, it’s a match made in heaven.

Let’s see how process of the ‘Activate-HBO-Now’ with ROKU can be done so that, you get best of both the worlds.

To get HBO Now on ROKU, you should

  • Starting the Process
  1. Open the Play Store on your TV
  2. Then explore the ‘Movies and TV’ division after you have typed HBO Now and opted to search.
  3. Later when the Channel Icon pops up in the list, pick to install HBO Now. After that, pick ‘OK’ to add the channel to your ROKU list

Installing HBO Now with the

  • Subsequently, open the HBO Now App (After your HBO Now App is loaded on your device through the ROKU com link)
  • Then opt to go for the device activation when prompted. For that, access the official activation link for HBO Now on your browser.
  • Here, pick ROKU as your Online Streaming source.
  • Importantly, be very careful with this step. You will have to correctly input your Activation Code and Password to your Official ROKU Account here when asked.
  • Then you will be presented with a HBO Activation Code. Enter that too in the space where it is compulsory.

The final step

  • Lastly, wait for the completion message.
  • A note of greeting will pop on your screen saying ‘Your Device is linked to your HBO Now Account’. This is an indication that your HBO
  • Now account with ROKU is ready to function.
  • Finally, you can now freely enjoy your HBO Now on ROKU through your Roku com link account.

What are some of the most famous programs on HBO Now?

Although The Game of Thrones is an all-time hit on the channel, there are many more programs to captivate you. Some of such interesting programs are:

  • Veep
  • The Larry Sanders Show
  • Six Feet Under
  • The Young Pope
  • Silicon Valley
  • The Sopranos
  • Etc. etc…

Not only these, but a huge archive of movies, documentaries etc. await you when you start your journey with HBO-Now.

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