How to Activate Netflix on ROKU? (Helping Tips for Netflix set-up)

Unquestionably, entertainment comes in all sorts. To have the time to go out and enjoy at a stretch might not be effective. Fascinatingly, it’s here where the importance of TV as a quick fix to entertainment comes as an option too. Here we discuss about how to Activate Netflix on Roku.

Activate Netflix on ROKU 

Interestingly, with the development of modern TV getting digitized, selected platforms like ROKU is undoubtedly reliable. Affirmatively it can’t get better than the perfect pairing of ROKU as an Online-Streaming base with Netflix as an entertainment partner!

Activate Netflix on ROKU

How should I use through

For a fast Activate Netflix on ROKU in a simple way, follow the below steps carefully. Incidentally this way our clients can observe personally the profit in entertainment they get with having Netflix through Roku.

The setting up of Activate Netflix on Roku

Importantly, among the channels streamed through ROKU, Netflix gets the most liking. Indeed based on the client-demand-ratio this digital channel is ranked the most viewed internationally. And to install a channel with the ROKU, the process couldn’t be easier. Similarly, to add Netflix on ROKU, all is just like a cake walk. So let’s glance below and get to know how to activate Netflix on Roku.

The initial installation procedure

And now let us begin the steps to install the Roku by:

Firstly: Get your device ready and open a trusted browser (e.g.: open Google on your computer).

Then: Log-in to your personal roku com link account

After that: Go to your ROKU play store and then:

Either: Type and search the Netflix Channel in the ‘Movies and TV’ section

Or: Select the Netflix channel icon if it’s displayed on the main channels/app page


If step C is not specifically applicable,

There are other steps that can be taken. These are based on the type of Roku Device you are using to stream Roku.

For clients using the ROKU 1 style

Access the Play/Channel Store of your ROKU account Pick Netflix from the ‘Movies and TV’ selection Click ‘Add Channel’ and then Netflix is added to your account

Applicable to customers using other Roku models

At first: Locate the ‘Streaming Channel’ choice on your device play store

Then: Pick the ‘Movies and TV’ selection.

Later: Then find ‘Netflix’ among the choices and choose for the option ‘Add Channel’

Definitely, this enables you to add the Netflix channel to your account

Subscribing the Channel pack
  • After adding the channel to your ROKU account, open it by double tapping the Netflix-icon.
  • At this time, You will get a message asking whether you are a subscribed customer. You can proceed in two ways:

Yes: Particularly click this option if you have already paid the subscription fee.
No: Alternatively, if you haven’t subscribed to yet please carry on with the simple instructions using the link And follow them carefully to create your Netflix Account and purchase your subscription.
or: Additionally, you can purchase your Netflix subscription directly online using the ROKU base.
Later: You will get a Netflix Activation Code after the subscription payment is confirmed.
Also: Use this code in the space where asked (to activate your Netflix Account and confirm your subscription through ROKU.

After every step is fulfilled, your registration with Netflix is completed. You can now freely watch Netflix to have unlimited fun.

Can we get a preview of the programs on Netflix?

Definitely no one can argue that Netflix has some of the most famous programs on TV. For Example:

Some of the best from Netflix are

  • 13 Reasons Why
  • Breaking Bad
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Man Hunter
  • Stranger things
  • Friends
  • The Office
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Shameless
  • Etc…

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