Www Roku Com Link account activation & Enter Roku Code in Easy Way

By using Roku streaming player you can stream anything such as movies, music, videos, and live shows via the internet connection. Before going to WWW Roku com link account activation first, will tell you about Roku setup.

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Start to setup your Roku streaming player:

Perform these simple steps and setup your Roku in an easy way.
• When you get your new Roku streaming player, just open the box and check all the belongings

  1. Roku streaming player
  2. HDMI port
  3. Power adapter
  4. Roku remote control
  5. Power batteries
  6. Headphones
  7. Ethernet cable for wired network connection

• Now, let’s start to setup your Roku streaming player
• The very first thing which you have to done, insert the one end of HDMI cable into your Roku streaming player
• Now after completing the first step move further for next step, insert the another end of HDMI cable into your TV
• After completing HDMI connection, take the power adapter
• Insert one end of your power adapter into your Roku and then second thing is, plug it in to the power source
• Now turn on the Roku streaming player and wait for starting
• Once your Roku player start, it will show you the startup screen with Roku logo on the TV screen
• It will search for the wireless internet connection. If you have the wired connection, make the connection through Ethernet cable.
• For wireless network connection, select your provided network
• Then enter your wireless network password, make sure your password is case sensitive so enter your password carefully
• When getting network connection, it will automatically update and install latest software
• After software update, display the unique Roku code
• Now move further for activation process

WWW Roku com link account activation:

• After completing setup process, let’s start to activate Roku account
• by using your computer system or laptop, enter Roku.com/link on the browser, make sure you should have internet connection on your system
• Now enter the unique Roku code which is displayed on screen,
• There are two options for you;

  1. Create your new Roku account
  2. Log in with existing account

• If you have the WWW Roku com link account then no need to create new Roku account just log in it
• If you don’t have the Roku account then create your new Roku com link account by providing some necessary information.

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address
  4. Verify email
  5. Create password
  6. Verify password
  7. Click on submit
  8. Welcome to your Roku account

• Click on continue
• Then choose the payment method and go to the next step
• After that add some channels which you want to watch
• So, your www.Roku.com/link enter code and account activation process is completed now you can enjoy your streaming with Roku streaming player If you want to add paid channel, you can purchase it from the Roku channel store

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