WWW.Roku.Com/Link- Provide Easy Steps to Setup and Activate Roku

Roku allows you to fetch and access all your favorite movies, TV shows, serials, sports, news and much more from all over the world. It has more than 4000 channels, and it is not restricted to any country or language to play the stuff.

When you buy a new Roku device, then you can read the given manual first “it is very simple to setup, or it is just a three steps away.” It means you just have to connect your new Roku to the TV, your internet and activate it by entering the Roku activation code at www.roku.com/link to make it live on your Television.




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Some basic setup steps of Roku device

  • A Standard Or either HD LED/LCD TV (if you have standard TV without HDMI port then go for ROKU 1)
  • An HDMI Cable is needed to connect your ROKU box with your Television. If you want to use standard television, then you need RCA cables.
  • For Internet Connection (If you don’t have WiFi then go for Roku 2 which supports Ethernet Connection)
  • Fill out Router Security Key or Password to connect you Roku player with WiFi
  • If you want to use Roku stick, then there is no need of HDMI cable or RCA cable you can directly connect the stick to your TV in the HDMI port.
  • You can purchase a new Roku player by visiting https://www.roku.com/en-ca/where-to-buy

It is easy to setup a Roku player but can create ample of problems when you ask  to activate your Roku- from PC, tablet or Phone go to WWW.ROKU.COM/LINK and enter the Roku  code, This can be a messy situation when you are unable to fetch the code and fill it in the required space.Here you need to get help from the world class certified technicians, you can call us anytime to receive prompt help for your Roku device.
We will assist you to fix all your Roku problems at a very reasonable cost. Email us or call us we are available for 24/7 hours for 365 days. Get ready to experience a new computing world with us get all Roku help from us and enjoy life time free technical support services.

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